Top 35 Small Business Ideas For Men In 2022

You’re a guy and don’t want to just settle for a job. You’re creative and want to be able to start your own business and not have to answer to anybody but yourself. Here are 35 small business ideas for men that you can take into consideration.

35 Best Small Business Ideas For Men

1) Setting up a coffee shop

Coffee shops are very popular, particularly among young people looking to relax and chat with friends. The business is not expensive to start, and there’s a good profit made every month. Open the place in an area where you can create a loyal customer base without having to compete too much with other businesses – for example, a quiet area.

2) Make money from your creativity

Every man has his own creative skill, and it’s almost always possible to turn that into some kind of business idea. Whether you’re good at graphic design, sculpting, painting, or just taking great photos, you can sell your work over the Internet, for example, and become an instant success.

3) Become a tailor

One of the best small business ideas is to learn how to sew and then start a clothing alteration shop. Men often have a hard time finding clothes that fit them properly, so offering your skills as a tailor will be appreciated very much. You can also buy men’s clothing at low prices from second-hand stores and resell them fitted on your clients.

4) Repair cars

Car maintenance is essential, and there’s always a big demand for good mechanics who can fix both common and sophisticated issues. If you’re interested in this kind of business idea, consider getting an auto repair certification before starting up, as well as buying quality tools and equipment to make your shop look more professional.

5) Buy and sell stuff on eBay

eBay is a lot of fun, as you can find many rare items to resell for extra cash. You don’t even need to own a store, as the website has its own virtual shopping mall where you can set up an online shop and start selling immediately without any expenses.

6) Be an Uber driver

Driving people around in your spare time is a fun experience and something that is highly appreciated by those who need the service. If you’re interested, make sure you get into it as early as possible (before there’s too much competition) and offer great customer service to stand out from the rest of the drivers.

7) Sell stuff on Amazon

Amazon is the world’s most popular online store, so it’s no wonder that many people are interested in selling there. The best thing about this kind of business idea is that you can sell anything literally, provided you have good pictures and good descriptions for each item. Be sure to meet the minimum requirements and make sure you can handle the extra work before starting.

8) Tutoring high school students

While some people prefer to stay in college after they graduate, there are others who want to get a job and become independent as soon as possible. If you’re good with teenagers and feel like helping them out with their problems, this might just be the best small business idea for men of your age.

9) Become a food truck owner

Food trucks are very popular nowadays, and they’re also cheap to start or operate. You can either buy your own truck or sell food out of your car. Just be sure you don’t skip any of the legal requirements before starting up. Find an area with many potential customers and make sure you offer good food at good prices.

10) Start your own blog

Online websites are the best way to become successful today, so why not take advantage of that fact? Starting a popular blog is very easy nowadays, and it’s also free in most cases. Just gather all the information you can, write interesting content, and you’ll have a few hundred visitors pretty fast.

11) Sell your old stuff on Etsy

eBay is not the only place where people can buy things online. Many websites are reselling goods of all kinds, including Etsy, an “artistic” website with thousands of regular customers looking for interesting objects to purchase. You can easily set up your own store for free, even if you’re not a professional artist, and start making money today!

12) Become a bartender

Everyone gets thirsty once in a while, so starting your own bar might be the best small business idea for men who are good with liquor. If you want to make this idea a reality, consider finding a location with low rents and offering interesting cocktails that differentiate you from the rest of the competition.

13) Open a grocery store

If you love fresh food and know how to cook tasty dishes, starting your own grocery store might be the best small business idea for men who want to combine their hobby with work. Depending on your tastes and budget, you can open a small shop or a large supermarket.

14) Be a freelance writer

Writing is one of the oldest professions globally, and it’s also something that you can do from home. If you’re good at it, find yourself a website or online platform where people can buy articles and start working right away. You can write about anything you like and set your own prices, as well as the deadlines (though never request them to be too short).

15) Create a guide website

There’s no better way to show your expertise than by presenting it in the form of content within a website or blog. If you have great writing skills but don’t know what to write about, you can compile them all within a website and charge other people for reading it. There are many different subjects that you can choose from, so take your pick!

16) Become an online marketer

As the name implies, this is an interesting small business idea for men who like to spend their time on the computer. This type of work doesn’t require any special skills (besides basic IT ones), but it might make you very rich if you get lucky or put in enough effort. Excellent writing skills are required to succeed here since you’ll be creating content all day long.

17) Publish eBooks

This may not be one of the best small business ideas for men who have just finished studying, but you can make a fortune by publishing ebooks with enough work and dedication. Just write the eBook, publish it online for free or sell it on websites like Amazon. It’s up to you!

18) Start an electronics store

This is one of the best small scale business ideas for men who enjoy tinkering with gadgets or working in IT in general. There are many different areas that this kind of store can cover, including computers, mobile phones, tablets, and even appliances. If you’re good at repairing things as well, consider adding that into your offer too!

19) Be a painter

Painting is not just something that people do when they want to create art pieces – there are plenty of other situations where this profession may come in handy. If you know how to paint, present your work on a website or blog and combine it with some basic SEO practices so that people can find out about you more easily.

20) Build websites for other people

Another interesting small business idea for men who love computers is building websites for others; this kind of job doesn’t require any special skills, but you need to know your way around this technology area. You can start off by offering websites that match the needs and wishes of clients at a low price and then slowly increase them as you gain more customers.

21) Become a professional photographer

As we all know, photography is one of the most important aspects of today’s world. If you have a talent for capturing the beauty of things, develop it by practicing your craft and selling your photos online. Once people start getting interested in them, you can charge more money for them!

22) Open a local restaurant

This is another one of the best small business ideas for men who like cooking and serving others. Working as a chef may not be easy, but it can definitely become a very profitable activity if you’re doing it right.

23) Become a scriptwriter

This is one of those best business ideas for men who like to tell stories in a very creative way. By working with movie producers, you can help them create top-quality scripts that will surely be popular among the masses.

24) Carry out SEO activities

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Apart from knowing what this term means (or having it explained to you), you’ll need to have a high level of technical skills to carry out SEO activities successfully. This is yet another home based business for men who are very good with computers.

25) Open an online shop

Opening an online shop might seem overwhelming at first, but there are many platforms to get the equipment and services you need to do this. From there on, the rest is simple – it’s your job to make sure that you can provide outstanding service and high-quality products in order to keep your customers coming back.

26) Offer courses online

If you’re an expert in a certain field, the chances are that others would like to learn what you know. You can take advantage of this by offering a few courses online and charging a small fee for every student.

27) Create ads for others

If you’re very good at coming up with original advertising campaigns, consider making money from them – use your talent to help other businesses reach new clients!

28) Create and promote apps

Do you have IT skills? If so, you should consider offering your services to those who need them. One of the best small business ideas for men who don’t want to work with companies is creating and promoting mobile apps. That means that you’ll be able to determine how much money you make, but clients will often provide you with support.

29) Become a pool cleaner

This is one of the best men’s small business ideas who have experience in swimming or are just attracted to pools. If you know about their cleaning needs, offer your services as someone who can help them maintain good hygiene standards without too much effort on their part!

30) Become an accountant

This is another of the most common one man small business ideas – accounting skills are valued no matter where you go, so it should be easy to find clients who want to hire you.

31) Open a photo studio

As you can tell, this is another one of the best small business ideas for male who are photographers. If you have enough clients, you’ll be able to establish your own photo studio and charge money for all of the services that you provide. People love taking pictures these days, so there’s definitely a market out there!

32) Install and repair computers

Many people don’t know how to work with their computer, and they’re willing to pay an expert like you if it helps them get things done. You can even offer your services for free in exchange for a good review – that’s one of the best small business ideas for guys who want to advertise themselves!

33) Start a delivery service

If you like to ride vehicles and can drive, consider becoming a part of an existing delivery business or open your own. Of course, the profit potential depends on where you’re doing these deliveries and what kind of services your company offers (if any).

34) Become a personal trainer

Personal trainers make a lot of money, but they also have to be able to motivate people who are demotivated by fitness. If you know how to do this, it will definitely go a long way towards establishing yourself as one of the good business ideas for men!

35) Become an actor

Acting is all about being creative – just look at the number of actors out there! If you have a talent for this or are at least willing to learn, you can definitely become the best actor. There’s even an Academy Award category dedicated to short films!


The best small business ideas for men will depend on the extent of their skills and how much they’re willing to work. For some, it might be time for them to consider a career change – you never know what could happen if you put your best foot forward!

If you’re driven and willing to work hard, becoming an entrepreneur is always an option. Don’t be afraid to try new things – that’s the best way to find your passion in life!