Top 23 Small Business Ideas For Pune | Business Ideas ( 2022 )

The Indian city of Pune has undergone rapid growth in recent years. As the population swells, so does the need for jobs. Thankfully, many business ideas can be successful in this booming economy. 

Whether you are looking for a career change or want to generate some extra income on the side, many business ideas can suit your needs. This blog post will explore 23 of the most popular types of small business ideas for Pune

Top small business ideas in Pune

1) Marketing Consultant

If you have an MBA or marketing experience, then this could be a good fit for you. You would work with small businesses that need help increasing their sales by implementing SEO, SEM, social media marketing, Etc. The average salary ranges from 40k-70k per month, depending on the location and qualifications required.

2) Personal Trainer

If you enjoy working out and helping people achieve their fitness goals, then this may be an option for you! You could be a mobile trainer working at people’s homes or even opening your small gym. You would need to train for about half an hour and monitor their progress after that, so you can tweak their workouts if necessary.

3) Electrician

This small business has been gaining popularity in recent years with all the new small electrical appliances and gadgets requiring small fixes. You could charge a low hourly rate to fix small household appliances such as microwaves, washing machines, Etc.

4) Medical Store

You can start your own Medical Store business in Pune. Medical stores sell items related to health care, such as over-the-counter medications and first aid supplies. A typical medical store carries various products, including prescription drugs, bandages, cold medicines, and ointments but not all products are available at every pharmacy. Some pharmacies offer home delivery services or specialize in certain fields like fertility or diabetes.

5) Photographer

With the rise in popularity of small businesses such as restaurants and cafes, there is also a growing demand for small business photos. You can either do studio shots or simple, candid photos on your mobile device, which you could upload to Instagram.

6) Tutor

If you have a degree in English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and some experience, then this small business idea could be perfect for you. You would need to find small businesses such as cafes and restaurants looking to hire English-speaking staff.

7) Yoga Instructor/Yoga Teacher

This small business is gaining popularity with small businesses such as cafes and restaurants looking to hire yoga instructors. You could also run small yoga classes for small groups of friends at the local park!

8) Interior Decorator

If you have a creative eye and know how to work with different types of materials, then this small business idea may be perfect for you. For example, you would decorate small restaurants and cafes in a way that will attract more customers. You would need interior design skills.

9) Business Broker

Pune is a city where many businesses open and close. Existing businesses need clients too. Some people want to buy an established business, and some people want to sell their own Business. The business brokerage industry is small but offers small business people a chance to earn an income from small businesses.

This small Business requires good negotiation skills as you would be required to find businesses that want to buy or sell. There are many websites where you could list your small Business for sales, such as Biz Exchange and Justdial.

10) Graphic Designer for T-shirts

This small business requires the use of your creative side! You would be designing small t-shirts with short slogans for small companies, cafes, restaurants, Etc. You would need design skills and software such as Photoshop or Illustrator.

I hope you are enjoying all these new business ideas in Pune.

10) Poultry Business

This small business is popular in Pune as many small chicken farms need small business services such as delivering eggs and meat. You could purchase small stock (chickens) from a small farm and take care of them until they’re ready to be sold.

11) Coffee Shop Business

With the increase in large and small coffee shops, there is a growing demand for small businesses such as small coffee kiosks in local malls and small restaurants. You would need to organize your finances and find suppliers.

12) Event Organizer

If you’re good at organizing small events such as cheap birthday parties, baby showers, Etc., then this small business may be perfect for you. You would need to market small events online and offline, so you will need to use social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest.

13) Cleaning Business

If you have a small car or motorcycle, then this small business could be perfect for you! This small business is popular in Pune, with small businesses such as cafes and restaurants looking for small vendors to clean their small premises after work hours.

14) Delivery Man

This small business is popular in Pune as many small shops and restaurants do not have enough space to store small items such as bread, milk, Etc. You would need a small car or motorcycle to move small items from one small shop or small restaurant to another small shop or small restaurant.

15) Wedding Photographer

This small business can be quite profitable as there is a growing demand for small businesses such as restaurants and cafes looking for small photographers to take photographs of wedding ceremonies, etc., with their small devices. You would need photography skills.

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16) Florist

If you have small gardening skills, then this small business idea may be perfect for you. You would not need much capital as it requires small gardening equipment and small flowers, which are easy to find in local markets.

17) Stock Trading

The stock trading business idea for Pune is an excellent opportunity to earn a handsome income. This kind of business is viable and can be started with any amount. It does not require much skill or training, but the one thing you need to learn about is how to make money from it. 

The stock market has been around for centuries and offers anyone who wants to take advantage of its opportunities a chance at riches if they know what they are doing. The stock market in India has grown by leaps and bounds over the last two decades and continues its upward trajectory daily, making this sort of investment more lucrative than ever before! 

18) Used Cars Buying And Selling

Are you looking for a business idea in Pune? If so, the used car buying and selling industry is an excellent opportunity. The market size of this Business is over $100 billion globally and continues to grow each year. In India alone, there are more than 50 million people who purchase a car every year. This number will only continue to increase as incomes rise, with economic growth rates at 7%. A significant portion of these new buyers will be purchasing used cars from small or large dealerships that sell pre-owned vehicles or from individuals who resell their own privately owned cars on sites like OLX, Quikr, Carwale, etc. With such a huge potential market, it can make sense to start your used car.

Best Small Business Ideas in Pune For Housewife

19) Graphic Designer

With the increase in demand for websites and social media pages, there is also a rise in demand for graphic designers who can design logos, business cards, brochures, etc. You need to have an artistic eye and be familiar with software such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc.

20) Social Media Manager

With the increase in online shopping and social media platforms, there is an increasing demand for small businesses which offer these services. For instance, Pinterest allows small businesses to create boards where they can pin products that they are selling.

Now let’s Talk About Some Manufacturing Business Ideas In Pune.

21) Manufacturing Automobile Parts

Manufacturing automobile parts is a competitive industry in India, with low margins and high competition. Manufacturing automobile parts will be profitable but requires significant capital to get the business started. The cost of hiring staff may also be higher than other businesses due to the risk associated with this type of Business. 

22) Furniture

The furniture industry is a 300 billion dollar business in India. The number of households with furniture has grown to about 12% from 1-2%. It’s no wonder that there are many opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to start their own furniture company. One such startup is Ramee Furniture Industries, which Pankaj Khandelwal and his brothers founded. Their first store opened in Mumbai, and they now have over ten stores across the country. With their success, Pankaj recently announced that he would be opening up two more stores before the end of this year! 

23) Manufacturing Tempered Glass

A new opportunity has opened up for a manufacturing business in the tempered glass industry centred around Pune. There are many potentials for this business idea to be successful as the demand for tempered glass products continues to grow.


With the increasing cost of living in Pune, small businesses are a great way to generate extra income while being your boss! What small business ideas have you thought of?

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