Top 25 Small Business Ideas In A Small Town For Make Money

Every economy relies on small businesses.. They provide jobs and high economic prosperity in an area when they are successful. This article covers some small business ideas for small towns.

Suppose you live in a small town. A small business can be your livelihood, and you might just want to contribute to the development of that small town that way. Read on for some small business ideas. Here are some great small town business ideas for 2021

Top 25 Best Small Town Business Ideas To Start This Year!

1) Small Grocery Store

Everyone loves a good grocery store. People in small towns often face the issue of having to travel for miles to buy groceries and essentials, so an army of small grocery stores is always helpful! Such a small business could be started with very little initial investment – depending on how you want it to be structured.

2) Small Pet Store

Small towns usually have a pet store nearby with dogs, cats, and other common pets. People who want to adopt these pets can visit here and shop for them as well as the sellers can stock the inventory. A small mobile shop could also work where you take the shops around.

3) Farming and Agriculture

Small towns usually have farmland nearby where farming, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, etc., can be done. This small business idea will also ensure that you have a steady supply of organic produce for your small business. The small business could be run from the farmland itself, or small mobile shops could sell produce to small-town locals and other small businesses, depending on your preferences.

4) Yoga Studio

This small business idea is a bit unorthodox, but a yoga studio can be a big hit with small-town locals, especially women. It will give them something to look forward to and relax from the day-to-day routine of life. Yoga is fast becoming famous worldwide so that it can work well as a business idea for any location!

5) Clothing Business in a small town

This is one of the best small business ideas in a small town.

A simple clothing store where people can come and buy clothes for themselves or their family is a great small business idea. Depending on the audience you want to target, you could sell trendy clothes or just plain old work clothes.

6) Art Gallery

Small towns usually have many artists living in them, and they may not always be lucky enough to get an opportunity to showcase their art forms. An art gallery is a great way to showcase local talent and earn money from it – plus, this could become a tourist attraction in itself!

7) Photography

This is another skill that many small-town folks possess. A photography studio can be started with very little investment, and people will pay money to take pictures of memorable moments. You could offer a simple photo-book service too, to make some extra money.

8) Restaurants Business in a small town

Everyone loves to eat, don’t they? These small business ideas are probably the most widely used in any location. A restaurant is a great way to earn money since people will be coming back for more. You could make your locale known for a particular type of food, and everyone in town would go there at least once!

9) Fitness center

People in small towns are usually very conscious about their health and lifestyle. A fitness center is a great way to earn money so that you could offer gymming services, training sessions, etc., along with some home-cooked food for visitors!

10) Repairing Services

Everyone needs some repair work done on something or the other, whether a bike, car, phone, AC, etc. A small business idea like this can be used in any location and is beneficial, especially if your services are cheap and reliable!

11) Rent-a-car

If people need to go out of town for some reason, they might not always have the means of transportation available. That’s where you come in with your rent-a-car! You could charge people to travel to nearby places too. It is an efficient small business idea that can be run from anywhere, regardless of location.

12) Grocery Delivery

The grocery stores are usually located within the town itself or at least within walking distance, but for elderly folk and children, the idea of walking to get groceries can be a bit much. That’s when you could step in and offer grocery delivery services. Depending on your target audience, you could charge a small fee for this service or even make it accessible.

13) Garage

People always need help with their cars at some point or another! You could also train people how to repair their vehicles and make some extra cash! A garage is a great way to earn money in any location.

14) Coffee

This is a prevalent business in a small town that can be used in any location with minimal investment. A coffee shop provides an environment for people to come, sit, read, etc., while they sip on their favourite beverage! It is an excellent addition to any small town.

15) IT and computer services

This is a great small business idea for the technology-driven world. If you know your way around computers, this can be an excellent source of income for you! You could go to people’s houses and do some simple troubleshooting or even teach them how to operate different programs.

16) Hotel Business in a small town

If there isn’t already one in your town, then it is time you start one! A hotel is a great way to earn money and offer people looking for short-term accommodations service they would probably pay good money for. You could build your business around being the only hotel in the area or popping up next to another local establishment of sorts.

Best business ideas for a small village

17) Salon or barbershop

This is another small business idea that doesn’t require much capital. You could offer people haircuts, henna tattoos, etc., for a very cheap fee. Or you can use it as an initial stepping stone towards opening your full-fledged salon!

18) Insurance

Many small towns have insurance companies already, so this might not be a viable small business idea for you. However, if not, the insurance industry is a good one to get into because people always need it. You can offer home, health, or car insurance depending on the needs of your target audience!

19) Handyman services

This is one of best Business in small town

Everyone has something they can’t fix themselves – be it a broken sink, toilet, AC, or anything else! Contracting out handyman services is a great way to make some money and help people get things fixed. People usually pay good money for such work, so it’s worth considering a small town business idea!

20) Home decorating

If you have an eye for keeping homes looking nice, this can be a great business idea for you! Home decorating is on the rise, and it’s something everyone needs doing at some point or another – new curtains, wallpaper, furniture, etc. Many people are undecided on what to do with their homes, so having assistance available would help them out.

21) Gas station

Like an IT or computer services business, this is another small town business idea that requires minimal investment. A gas station provides easy access for people to get fuel for their vehicles which can be very convenient!

22) Video store

This is a great small business idea if the nearest Blockbuster doesn’t exist anymore in your town! You could buy second-hand DVDs and rent them out to people for a meagre cost. You could also go the extra mile and provide some snacks, magazines, and drinks as well.

23) Taxi or public transportation

This is another small business idea that can be extremely helpful in your town. If you have the means to buy a car and pay for gas, then you can make a killing by offering people transportation around town. You could use your car or buy/rent a van and drive it around during the day when demand is higher.

24) Tailoring

This is another business idea that doesn’t require much investment if you already know how to sew and operate a sewing machine. You can find some cheap second-hand clothing and alter it to fit your target audience’s needs!

25) medical store

If there isn’t already one in your town, then it is time you start one! A medical store offering all kinds of basic bandages, medicine, ointments, etc., can be a great business idea if you have enough capital to get started. You can even go the extra mile and sell herbal supplements or vitamin pills to people who might be interested!


There are many great small-town business ideas you can take advantage of based on your skills and abilities. If you are good at fixing stuff, then being a handyman might be the business idea for you! Or if you have leadership experience from working at a company or college, maybe starting your taxi service is something to consider! Whatever you decide, do not let your lack of capital stop you from establishing a small business.

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