20 Best Small Business Ideas In Australia For Make Passive Income

You can start many small business ideas in Australia, so I have made a list of the 20 best ones just for you. These ideas are easy to enter into, and some require very little startup capital. After the initial set-up costs have been covered, these businesses will just run on autopilot.

Best business to start in australia

1. Make Your Own App

Do you want to be the next Snapchat? If so, you can start by researching how it works and coming up with your own idea. It’s easier said than done, but one thing that can help in learning about a successful app’s elements is through research or even asking experts. Once you have come up with an idea, the next thing you need to do is build it. You can learn how to do this by following some guides that are available on the internet or even hiring someone who can build one for you.

2. Provide Business-related web hosting service

Small businesses want their own website, but they do not have the time and technical ability to build one. They will gladly pay you a set monthly fee to provide them with a business-related website and email address so that it looks like they are really online even though you host everything. How much does this cost? It should be no more than $20 per month for all of this, including your labor costs. There are many ways to monetize on this service i.e., uses AdSense, affiliate marketing, driving traffic to your own website, etc.

3. Sell Products on Amazon

Amazon FBA is the most profitable business to start in australia. It’s sort of like eBay but looks more professional and has higher search volume due to millions of users shopping on Amazon every day. This means you will have a much higher chance of having your product sold and earning commission than eBay, which takes up to 10% in fees. With Amazon FBA, your product will be stored and managed by Amazon, allowing you access to all kinds of benefits, such as free shipping and a bigger profit margin. You only need a good product idea and a good supplier (wherever that may be).

4. Sell Products on eBay

While Amazon FBA is the new kid on the block,eBay has been around for many years, and it’s still free to list products even without auctions. You can also have more variety of products listed on eBay since there are no category restrictions, unlike Amazon, which only caters to books, music, movies, etc. At the same time, you can sell pretty much anything on eBay, including antiques or real estate. The best part is that people who shop on eBay are generally looking for something that they cannot find elsewhere at a lower price, so they will be more willing to pay the higher price if your listing catches their attention.

5. Become a virtual assistant

Many small businesses owners do not have the time to manage every aspect of their business, and they need someone who can help out with certain things such as doing research, sending emails, answering phone calls, etc. So if you think this is something you are good at and would like to excel in, you can start your own virtual assistance business where you will basically be running errands for other people allowing them to focus on their core business. There are many ways to monetize your service, such as using Fiverr.

6. Sell products on Etsy

If selling products on Amazon is the new way to make money, selling products on Etsy is the old way. The difference between both of them is that most people are used to using Etsy, but not many people have heard of Amazon FBA yet. This means you can still make consistent sales through Etsy even when you build up your business on Amazon FBA at the same time.

Look around for local competitions or events which are related to your niche market. Participate in it with a free product sample/gift certificate and get yourself some exposure!

8. Business Cards Printing Services

Business cards are one of the cheapest marketing tools out there, but nobody ever buys them unless they really need them in their job. So specific industries have higher demand like:

-Real Estate Agents: They need business cards to give out to potential clients.

-Fitness trainers/Coaches: Like above, they need business cards to contact potential clients.

-Freelancers: This can be anything such as a blogger, web developer, etc. They don’t want to miss opportunities that may come up in the future, so it always helps to have their business card ready and available at all times.

Best small business to start in Australia

9. Start a Blog and Grow It Into an Authority Site

If you have experience with any topics or if you are cool enough like I and writing come naturally to you, blogging is definitely the way to go for online businesses these days, especially when your blog can evolve into an authority site. Even if you are not a writer, you can still use blogging as the starting ground by publishing articles written by guest bloggers who have expertise in your area of interest. This is where affiliate marketing will kick in because you can monetize your blog using affiliate links to products that are related to your niche market.

New business ideas Australia

10. Share Your Knowledge For Free Until You Can Sell It!

While this may sound like one of that cheesy pieces of advice from some self-help book, it’s actually true for many people who are experts/guru who sell their knowledge for a higher price, but none of them got there overnight. Everyone had to start somewhere! The best way to get noticed is by giving out free stuff first and building up credibility over time. When you are good enough, people will come to you.

11. Offer Your Services On Fiverr Or Upwork!

While there are many better alternatives than these two when it comes to making money online or offering your services, they are still great places to start if you want to offer your services for low prices. Not only does it help you build up credibility, but it also helps you learn about the marketing techniques that are used by others. It can be advantageous because you will soon have more jobs coming your way once word-of-mouth spreads out!

12. Write a Kindle eBook

Kindle has changed the world of self-publishing, and thanks to it, many new authors have been discovered. There are many tips on successfully publishing a Kindle eBook, but if you can write a sellable one, you will be able to make passive income every time someone downloads your book. Not only do you make a good amount of money, but you also get the chance to appear on the bestseller list, which will help you gain more credibility as an author.

13. Review Websites and Apps or Create Infographics About Your Niche!

If you have good knowledge about certain topics such as technology, sports, etc., and if writing does not come naturally to you, you should be able to do something better than just sharing your opinions on social media platforms. The first thing that can come to mind is creating videos, so why not use YouTube as your platform for doing so? It doesn’t even have to be a video. You can do it through images using tools like Canva or Piktochart. I really like this idea because you don’t have to follow specific rules, such as having a certain number of words or minutes in each video.

14. Provide Advertising space in classifieds

Advertising space in newspapers is cheaper than ever. Suppose you can’t afford to buy a major newspaper like The Australian or the Sydney Morning Herald. In that case, you can go down the market and find an even cheaper advertising space in popular free print magazines that are also available online such as Fast Fours, Simply Best Coupons, or Our Wedding Guide. You can use sites like Gumtree or eBay to post your classifieds and any other classified website such as LetGo, Oodle, Yell, etc.

15. Teach On Udemy!

While all of us have different reasons for taking a course, the main reason why people take courses is to learn something that can be applied in real life. Assuming that you have a vast knowledge about something, you should be able to teach it to others through online platforms such as Udemy. The great thing is that you are not just limited to one course, but rather, some have more than ten courses on this platform! If you can create an informative and helpful course, it will definitely help you sell more of your services or products.

16. Personal Training

Many people work out because they want to look good or become stronger, but if you can offer them more than just tips, why not charge them for your personal training sessions? You don’t even need any certification unless the law requires so. Many people would pay for your services if you could offer them customized training sessions.

17. Start a pizza business

Do you want to start a business that can be easily carried out from your home? If so, you should consider starting a pizza business because I know for sure that pizza always brings people together.

18. Sell Your Photos & Videos On Stock Photography websites!

For people who want to make money by sharing photos on social media platforms, stock photo sites are one of the best places where they could earn money from their content. You don’t even need any previous experience because there are many different photo categories that you can choose from. You can also adjust the price depending on your preference.

19. Become a Freelance Writer!

One thing that I really like about writing is that anyone can do it regardless of their background or skillset. The only thing you need to have is passion and a way with words, so if you can combine those two together, you should have a career as a freelance writer! If writing isn’t your thing, don’t worry because there are sites where you can write reviews about other companies’ products.

20. Cleaning services

Own a vacuum cleaner? Why not use it to clean homes and earn money too? That’s what most cleaning business owners do, so you should be able to get started with this service if you have one.


These are only some of the many business ideas that you can try to start with, and while most require investment, there are some which don’t. It’s really up to your creativity, so if you want to start a business, you should definitely search for ways on how you can do it!

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