7 Top Unethical ways to make money online ( Best for 2022 )

There are a lot of ways to make money online. But the way you earn money will depend on what kind of marketing you use. Some people might not think it’s fair, but a lot of marketers are doing it.

In the world of making money, there are many legitimate and illegitimate ways to do it. Some people think that prostitution should be illegal because they don’t want their children exposed (and thus influenced) by this practice; others believe in legalizing certain drugs so long as those who sell them aren’t criminals themselves – after all, we need someone selling somewhere! There’s also bank-robbing where you’re paid not just for what was taken but also with a bonus if your partner gets away safely too.

A lot of things are legal, but not everyone thinks they are right. If you work in a business and make money, there is an ethical side to it all. But some people are more interested in making money than doing the right thing. It might not be seen as “right” by society’s standards, but they will still get away with what would have caused them to fail if done legally only because they were too greedy.

When you find someone who seems too good to be true, always ask questions and research before getting involved in the relationship. It could very well turn out that this person is not following proper ethics or law regarding how they interact with their followers/customers online.

OK, We talk too much. Let me tell you some unethical ways to make money.

Disclaimer: We do not recommend any of the following unethical ways to make money online. This content is only for educational purposes.

Give Fake Reviews for Money

You can make some money by writing fake Amazon reviews. All you need is a Facebook group dedicated to the task, and then any company will be willing to pay you big bucks just for their product or service being reviewed – even if it’s not something that interests them at all! As long as these are done ethically (writing about products without ever using them), companies have no way of knowing whether what was said in your post might’ve been confirmed, so there shouldn’t really be much risk involved with taking this job in any way once considering how easy money could come rolling into one’s account via online retailers alone; plus who doesn’t love freebies?

Creat an Autoblog

The auto blog is a total cheat for bloggers who don’t like blogging, and the auto blog is a self-hosted WordPress site with a WP robot. This software pulls fresh posts from other blogs online and enables them to make money! However, they must do this regularly not to get caught by Google’s algorithm sandbox, or else their efforts will go wasted (not saying anything here either way). Don’t be lazy, though, because somebody has got your back – you’ll never know until it’s too late if someone steals one of yours

You may not produce original content, but you can still get your voice out there. Curate good quality articles from other bloggers and share them on any platform for an even wider audience – always credit the author as well!

Write Horrible and Useless eBooks.

One of the top unethical ways to make money is writing useless eBooks. Sure, the best-selling eBooks are usually worth your time. But what about those who promise you a fast way to make money? They may come at a high cost with no follow-through or marketing strategies that only get them more customers looking for an easy buck in hopes of getting rich quickly–who knows where these low-quality programs came from!

The truth is: if it sounds too good, then there might be something wrong.

Productivity eBooks are a great way to make money online, but only if they’re done right. You see these things pop up all over the internet, and for a good reason! They offer information that can be difficult or impossible without access in other formats, such as audio clips and video tutorials (which is what caught my attention). However, there’s one thing you should keep an eye on before downloading anything onto your computer: does this eBook come at too high of cost? Sometimes people want something simple without any bells-n’-whistles attached because their free time will take care of everything else while still delivering results – don’t forget about them when creating content.

Buy Domains

The domain name industry is a gold mine of opportunity. You can buy up domains that are similar to popular brands, hold them until the popularity of your target company spikes, or you might even find yourself profiting from those who haven’t caught fire yet by selling their brand-new website for a profit before; they know what hit them!

I can’t tell you how many times attorneys have contacted me for companies wanting to buy my domains. It’s scary when they come out of nowhere, send over some lawyers with their PowerPoint presentations ready (because who likes doing tedious paperwork), and offer me a ton more money than what we agreed upon last time!

I don’t want any part in these lawsuits, so please just let us have what belongs on those web pages already; thanks very much 🙂

Life Settlement

Nowadays, many people buy life insurance policies for less than their cash values. This practice is called “policies-for-sale,” and it’s becoming increasingly common as an evil scheme between buyers and sellers in this industry (or anywhere else). The buyer pays monthly premiums on top of what they bought from you while collecting when your death happens – all without ever having given up ownership rights!

It is often said that capitalism greases the wheels of industry and commerce, but sometimes it feels like people are just doing anything for money. This idea was brought to light by an article about life insurance salespeople who sell policies in financial desperation as their last resort or when they have no other choice because premiums make them too poor; these so-called “normal” businesses thrive off those with less privilege than themselves!

I can’t help but think how immoral this exercise can be: not only does one benefit from one’s circumstances حال even though we know he did nothing wrong! Ready to buy right away. I don’t care what kind of courage comes from within.

Payday Loans

I am not talking about the actual payday loan industry. I am referring to what you might call a “loan-sharking” service that is similar but different. Several states have outlawed it or limited the terms of the loan.

You loan money to your friend. It costs $100. You charge him $4 per week for the loan, which is like 208% interest. You will get back $132 after two months if he has a good job and makes good money.

Sell Fake products by putting brand Logos.

In my opinion, Put Fake Logos on Products and Sell Them is the best illegal way to make money. If you’re looking for a way to make money, this is it. It’s easy, and anyone can do it. You don’t need any experience or skills, just the ability to cut out logos from websites like Google Images. And then you sell them for between $10-$20 on eBay!

I’ve recently seen quite a few people on TikTok printing out famous logos and ironing them onto basic clothes. Since they’re able to import these brands like Nike, the garments look authentic! Suppose you have an embroidery machine or Cricut. In that case, you can make your version of these shirts for less than five dollars each with realistic designs. That will fool even die-hard fans of certain celebrities wearing their merchandise without shame in public locations such as airports. We all know there are cameras everywhere nowadays anyway.


In this blog post, I shared with you some unethical or illegal ways to make money. There are many ways to make extra money that are legal but not ethical. What does your moral code say?

In the end, it is up to you what kind of code your moral compass follows; some may consider one method while others would do something completely different to get ahead financially or due to their own beliefs.

But I would personally recommend you to earn money in legal ways. If you lack time, then I already write about How to make extra money on the weekends.

See you next time.

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