What is Snapchat Planet Order and how it work?

Snapchat continues to surprise its users with fresh and captivating features, and one of the latest additions sparking curiosity is Snapchat Planet Order. In this guide, we’ll dive into what Snapchat Planet Order is all about and how it functions within the app’s social landscape.

Exploring Snapchat Planets

Snapchat Planets is a recent addition to Snapchat Plus, the premium service aimed at enhancing social interactions. Think of it as a playful nod to the solar system. Just as planets orbit the sun at varying distances, Snapchat Plus positions you at the center of your social universe, with your top eight friends orbiting around you like planets.

How Snapchat Planet Order Works?

But how does Snapchat determine these eight friends, and why the distinction? It’s quite simple: the app selects your closest companions based on your streaks, ranking them in the order of planets in the solar system.

Understanding the Planetary Designations

Mercury represents your top friend, adorned with red hearts symbolizing your strongest streaks. Venus follows, depicting your second closest friend with its charming array of yellow, pink, and blue hearts. Earth signifies your third confidant, depicted in familiar blue and green hues, accompanied by a cute moon and stars.

Discovering Your Friends’ Planets

Wondering if your friends have their own planets on Snapchat? Ensure you’re subscribed to Snapchat Plus, then look for the Best Friends or Friends badge outlined in gold on their profiles. Tapping on these badges reveals their designated position in your Friend’s Solar System, allowing you to see who holds which planet and what it signifies.

Realism vs. Playfulness

It’s essential to note that Snapchat’s planetary designations are metaphorical, representing friendship statuses rather than actual celestial bodies. While Mercury and Mars may sport crimson orbs akin to real planets, they’re purely imaginative elements meant for fun.

In essence, Snapchat’s Planet Order feature adds a playful twist to understanding your social circles, offering a unique way to recognize and appreciate your closest connections within the app’s galaxy.

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