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Everybody loves adventure, especially when it comes to making money. However, boring businesses are the way to go if you want to have a stable income and financial freedom.

Top Boring Businesses That Make A Lot Of Money

1. Insurance Agent

You can’t get more classic than insurance agents. They sit at their desks all day filling out paperwork that their clients need to file claims or get their financial affairs in order. Now, this may not be the most exciting thing on the planet, but these agents are paid quite handsomely to do so.

So what does an average insurance agent make? The median salary is $47,710 per year, and they typically receive 7% more than other office workers. Also, some states require licensing of their companies that sell insurance policies. They must pay fees upfront to fund the state’s regulation of them. This means that big-name companies will hire independent or licensed agents rather than train new hires themselves if they wish to avoid paying those high costs every single time a new agent is hired (Source). However, there are still many boring businesses where you can make money without doing any work.

2. Survey Taker

Another boring job with a surprisingly high salary is being a survey taker. The government uses surveys to find out what people are thinking about major issues to pass laws or programs that address these concerns. They hire private companies to conduct the surveys, which in turn pay people to take them. There are approximately 10,000 different surveys you could be hired to take each year, but this number fluctuates depending on how many there are at any given time. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to work – all you have to do is read some questions and then choose answers based on your personal preferences. But the downside is that the pay isn’t nearly as it sounds: You make $8 per survey, and it takes an average of 30 minutes to finish each one. So if you were hired to take 15 surveys a day, you’d only earn $120 – not exactly a great hourly wage (Source).

3. Welder

In the last article we wrote, welding was listed as one of 7 dead-end jobs with no future. But there are plenty of welding careers out there where you can make money without going too far into debt by going to university first. Most people think that welders just stick metal pieces together, but this is only one type of welding. Other types require safety gear and extensive training to be able to practice it correctly.

You should also bear in mind that different kinds of welders make very different amounts of money. Construction workers who do TIG welding (Tungsten Inert Gas) can earn $50K a year. Meanwhile, pipefitters who work on oil rigs or gas pipelines each make about $75K per year. So if you’re looking for an easy job where you can work at your own pace, choose the TIG method since you won’t have lots of bosses breathing down your neck all day telling you what to do (Source).

4. Commercial Artist

This profession requires a lot of skill and hard work. They use software, hardware, and their ideas to produce logos, layouts, illustrations, and lettering designs for businesses that they pay to use on products that they sell.

More than 15 million people in the U.S. are employed as sales workers. This may not be what you want to do with your life (and it’s definitely not one of the most exciting jobs out there), but salesmen make some serious money. The pay can vary depending on where they live and their experience level, but the median salary is $45K per year (Source). Commercial artists don’t make nearly as much: The median salary is only about $38K per year (Source).

5. Financial Analyst

If you know how to crunch numbers and read financial reports, then this just might be the perfect boring business for you. You see your friends on Facebook posting pictures of their jetskis and new cars, bragging about how amazing their lives are, yet they’re all still working as salesmen at an insurance company for $40K a year. Meanwhile, there’s some nerd who works as a financial analyst who has everything he could ever want and probably took risks on Wall Street that paid off big time. He takes off on his private jet every other weekend to the South Pacific or Europe without barely lifting a finger while those unfortunate souls keep selling one-dollar cups of coffee to unsuspecting customers at Starbucks day in and day out.

Now, being a financial analyst might not be as glamorous as being a stockbroker or hedge fund manager – but it’s still a well-paid and stable career path that doesn’t require much work experience to get started. The median salary is $88,590, and the job outlook for this profession is promising, too – from 2012 to 2022, there will be a 26% growth in employment for financial analysts (Source).

6. Parts Salesperson

Parts salespeople sell car parts and accessories such as tires and windshield wiper blades to auto repair shops and retail stores for a living. The good thing about this job is that it’s easy because these kinds of businesses tend to be open until late evening or even overnight, so all you have to do is go in when they’re closing shop and drop off some new inventory before they close up shop for the night. And since most people will probably buy your products right then at the point of sale, it’s easy to get repeat customers too.

The bad thing is that parts salespeople only earn about $36K per year, which isn’t much considering how early they have to wake up in the morning just to meet their quotas.

7. Head Start Teacher

Head Start teachers work at preschools and daycare centers where children between 3-5 years old are introduced to letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and other basic subjects before they start kindergarten. It would be best if you had a bachelor’s degree in childhood or elementary education with a specialty in early childhood education for this job. Still, some cities also require an associate’s degree because of poor pay ( many states offer free tuition ). There are also hoops you have to jump through to get a license, but once you have one, you pretty much can’t lose it even if your employer fires you after their funding runs out. The good news is that the pay is decent: You earn about $32K per year, which isn’t bad for a teacher at any age.

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If you’re doing a college degree with a random major that you don’t want to become a career in, just go in the direction of one of these seven boring yet profitable jobs. If you have an art-related major, for example, go into being a commercial artist. If you have a business-related major, try out being a survey taker or salesperson. Although, if you’re already doing one of these jobs and you’re still not making any money, it’s probably best to switch. The first step is not quitting your current job: Instead, try to find a new, higher-paying job in the same industry because there are plenty of them out there!

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