40 Business Ideas In Texas 2022 And How To Start A Business In Texas

Texas has a lot to offer to its residents, and it is also an amazing place for starting businesses. If you want to start your own company, you can get here all the help and material that you need. Here are some of the best business ideas in Texas:

Top 40 Best business ideas in Texas

1) Manufacturing

Manufacturing is always a good business, and Texas does offer many opportunities for this. You can start making cars like the German company AMG located in San Affalterbach; however, it would be better to make something already made in Texas like oil rigs or similar equipment.

2) Tour Guide

If you love meeting new people and visiting different places, then this business idea is for you! No matter if it’s history or nature that you are good at, many people want to learn about these things. You can also offer your help with accommodation and transportation so that everyone will be happy with the service.

3) Winemaking

If you are passionate about wine, Texas does give its best results for winemakers. Grape growing is an expensive part, but once you grow them, the processing is quite cheap in Texas, and there are also a lot of great locations for selling your products after that.

Most profitable small businesses in Texas

4) Fitness Center

Texas is one of the most obese states in the USA. It has an obesity level of 32.2%, which is the second-worst result after Mississippi. Some people might want to start their fitness center, and if you can come up with something different than what already exists here, you will be watching your success every day.

5) Hardware Store

There are many hardware stores here in Texas, but there is always room for more. There are people who want to do their repairs, and for this, they need good equipment where they can find the right things.

6) Gift shop

If you like to sell gift items, and there are people in your family who do the same thing, you can start a shop together. You don’t have to go very far. Anyone can find many gifts here for any occasion.

7) Car repair shop

There is always someone who needs his car repaired here in Texas, and you can start a business where people come to you and ask for your help. It is important that they like you, because if they only need the repairs, but not you as a person, then it will affect your business.

8) Home cleaning service

Texas is known for having great houses with nice yards and pools everywhere in the state. People who own such houses surely want them to look great all the time, and they also don’t have a lot of free time for cleaning. Start your business with a small team of people who can clean homes and increase them as you go along.

9) Laundry service

Do you have trouble doing your laundry because it takes too much time, or do you just not want to do it at all? Many people living in Texas would appreciate it if someone did their laundry for them. You can make money from this simple task which you can find everywhere.

10) Custom t-shirts

This is a great business that anyone can start, but it is all about creativity. You have to find a way to stand out from the rest of the competition, and you will be doing very well in a few weeks.


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11) Online store for electronic gadgets

Texas has many electronics manufacturers, with prices being really low, so if you start building relationships with these companies, you will be able to offer the clients great stuff at the lowest price possible. You can sell these things online after getting a lot of loyal customers who will buy from you again and again.

12) Real estate agent

Texas has many houses, apartments, and other buildings for sale, so there is always someone who needs help finding a new place. You will make a lot of money without investing a lot of your time, and if you find yourself to be good at this job, then you can start your own business.

13) Jewelry store

Texas is a great place for buying jewels because there are many people who have money to spend on such things. Even simple silver earrings are enough to have a busy store with people who like everything you offer.

14) Appliance Repair Business

There are many people who buy new appliances because the old ones just stopped working. This is a good opportunity for you to start your own business where everyone will come to you with their broken appliance problems. If you can find great tools, then it will be much easier for you to make customers happy.

15) Oil Rig repair

This is a really interesting business idea in Texas. There are many oil rigs around Texas, and if one of them has a problem, then you can offer your help and save the day!

16) Pet Store

Who doesn’t love a cute puppy? This is why you can start a business by giving people the best dogs for sale. There are many pets living in Texas, and they all need your help!

17) Recycling Business

Texas has a lot of people who would love to recycle their garbage and get some money from it. You can take advantage of this situation and start a business by recycling old electronic appliances.

If you are good with the law, then your knowledge will be much appreciated here in Texas. Many people need legal advice because they don’t know what to do or need help with their immigration status. Even if you are unable to communicate effectively in the target language, there are people who can translate for you!

19) Digital Marketing

There is huge competition in all kinds of businesses now, so you have to do something with your marketing. If you learn the best digital marketing techniques and strategies, then you will be able to find a lot of customers who want to hire you for this job.

20) Business Consultancy

You don’t have to start a business from scratch to help other companies. You can just give your advice to them, and they will pay you for it!

21) Personal Assistant

There are many busy people in Texas, so if you learn how to be a good personal assistant, then there will be no one who won’t want to hire you because of all the things that this job includes.

22) Coffee Shop

Even if you don’t know how to make good coffee, many people here can teach you! You will make many friends with this business idea because everyone will come to your establishment every day.

23) Dry Cleaning Service

Many busy people need someone to do their dry cleaning for them. You can offer your service and get a lot of loyal customers who will come to you every week!

24) Translation Services

This is one of the best business ideas in Texas that someone will always need. If you learn different languages, you can offer your help with all kinds of translation. It may not look like something that will make you rich, but it is very easy to start because everyone needs your help.

25) Gas Station

This is most profitable business idea in Texas involves a lot of hard work, but you can easily answer all the questions about gas because today, even children know what this is about. People always need gasoline for their cars, so you will have many customers every day.

26) Plumber

Many people in Texas need a plumber because they want to save money, but it will be the best investment ever! It may seem like an easy job, but there is always something new that you can learn about plumbing. You can easily get started with this business idea and never regret your decision.

27) Property Manager

If you are organized and smart, then this is the best business idea in Texas for you. There are many people who own houses, but they don’t know how to manage them by themselves. If you come into their lives with your help, then they will be grateful forever!

28) Personal Trainer

People of Texas love working out, so this is the best business idea for you! You can offer your help and become a personal trainer who will teach people how to exercise properly. Even if you don’t have a lot of muscles yourself, many people need your knowledge about exercises.

29) Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

Many swimming pools need to be cleaned and maintained to offer your help. It may not look good enough for a business idea, but it is a nice one for people who live in Texas!

30) Handyman

This is probably the most popular business idea from this list because many things need to be fixed around the house. You can start with small things, but you will soon prove yourself, and your business will grow.

31) Nutritionist

Texans love eating meat, so this is the best opportunity if you learn about nutrition. Many people need advice because they don’t know what else to eat. You can become their hero if you help them with your nutrition knowledge!

32) Moving Company

It may look like a very difficult business to run, but many people don’t know how to move properly and just need someone to take care of this for them. If you learn the best moving techniques, there is no one else you will want to work for!

33) Photographer

In Texas, many people have a lot of money and love showing off their fancy lifestyle. If you know how to take amazing photos, then this is the best business idea that can bring you a lot of money! You will be able to offer your help to everyone who wants photos of their life.

34) Library

This is one of the oldest business ideas in Texas that will never die! There are many people who love reading so you can start your library with different kinds of books. Even if they are digital books, you will still have the same amount of readers as a standard library.

35) Cooking Classes

Last but not least, we have this wonderful business idea that can help you start an amazing career. If you are good at cooking, then people will always come to learn your secrets!

36) Wedding Planner

Even if there are many wedding planners in Texas, this is one of the best business ideas in Texas because weddings are always popular. You just need to have a lot of knowledge about planning a wedding, and it will pay off.

37) Travel Agency

If you have many friends who love traveling, then this is the best business idea for you! You can help them plan their journey, and they will be grateful forever. Just make sure to work with good travel agencies to satisfy your customers!

38) Ice Cream Maker

Ice cream is a popular meal in Texas, so if you know how to make different kinds of ice cream, then this business idea is for you! You can start it by going to fairs and gaining experience. People of Texas will love your delicious desserts.

39) Yoga Instructor

There are many people in Texas that would love to learn yoga, but they don’t know how or where. If you offer your help, then you will be able to start your own business and help them lead healthier lives.

40) Tax Preparation Service

Last but not least, we have this amazing business idea that can bring you a lot of money! You just need the right education to work with tax returns. If you know what you are doing, then people will appreciate your work and recommend you to everyone they know!

How to Start a Business in Texas?

Starting a business doesn’t have to be difficult. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  • The first thing you need to do is learn everything there is about your chosen business idea for it to grow. You can even start with small things for you to gain more experience.
  • You will need to choose a business name and register it.
  • The next thing you will need is an office or a place where you can start working.
  • Then you just need to buy all the equipment that your business needs, such as computers and printers.

You should then share your business idea with everyone to see how great it is and maybe even help you make it grow!


It doesn’t matter what kind of job you do; we all want to work in an environment where we feel safe and comfortable. This list provided 40 amazing business ideas for people in Texas and other things related to this topic, like how to start a business in Texas. We hope you enjoyed reading this article!