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So with the recent news that Discord has been valued at almost a billion dollars, I began thinking about how they make money. DISCORD is an internal chat app for gaming communities and groups if you haven’t heard of it. I’m writing this article because there isn’t much information about how Discord makes money online, so I decided to create this article and add whatever I can find.

Discord was originally made in 2015 by a team of gamers with the idea in mind that we wanted an open system where gamers could communicate and work together without third parties listening in on your conversations. So if you think about it, Discord is an alternative to Skype and Teamspeak, which would be used for voice and text chat. It’s not intended to replace or compete with steam chat, but that’s been happening more often these days since Steam doesn’t have good chat features, yet they do have friends lists. Anyways let’s get back on topic! At its core, Discord is an app that allows users around the world to connect. There are over 90 million registered users, with 2 million who use the app daily.

You probably spent some time on it (if you haven’t, I recommend checking it out).

The first thing that will pop into your head when you think of how Discord makes money is probably “ads,” however, this isn’t very likely because ads can be annoying and would take away from the experience that Discord offers. Secondly, they allow people to pay for different roles or emojis, which cost anywhere from $5-70 depending on what you purchase. However, there are a few other ways that Discord could generate revenue without being too intrusive to users who just want a clean chat experience. The creators have hinted at possible paid features in the future but I won’t go much into detail about those since we don’t know anything yet.

One possible way that the company will try to make money is by selling licenses for game developers who want their players to chat with each other using Discord instead of using Steam or another platform. Another source of income could be dedicated servers run by Discord themselves where more features would be available like extra security, bots (if you don’t know what bots are on Discord, they’re essentially devoted programs that do different tasks like play music, fun commands like having a bot tell jokes, and some others I won’t name.). Discord partnered with Nitro this year which is their subscription service that allows users to pay $5-10 monthly (still trying to find how much) to get mods etc., on your account. This collaboration allowed them to take 30% of the revenue in exchange for Nitro’s mods. Last but certainly not least, in my opinion, is how Discord could make money by having their own cryptocurrency, which will be used to buy games, etc., on their store (Discord has recently confirmed they are looking into creating a game store).

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What do you think about these possible ways how does Discord makes money? Comment down below what your thoughts are! Thank you for reading this article, and I hope you learned something new.

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