How To Start A Lawn Mowing Business As A Teenager For Make Money

One of the toughest things a teenager can do is find a lawn mowing job. Most teenagers would much rather hang out with their friends, not work, and spend extra money to go shopping or buy video games. Doing yard work isn’t going to make your social life any better if no one wants to be around you while you are doing it.

However, if you are interested in getting a lawn mowing job, here are some helpful hints to get started right.

Get authorization from the homeowner/landlord before you start. When you first approach someone about doing their yard work, make sure they know who you are and your plan before it starts. Kind of like, “Hi, my name is Johnny. I have been your neighbor for 6 years, and I am interested in doing your lawn care this summer. Can I do that?”

Start small. If someone doesn’t want you to do their yard work, don’t try to sell yourself harder or faster. Just say thank you and move to the next house. A bad reputation could hurt your chances of being hired as a lawnmower, right? If someone doesn’t want to hire you for one reason or another, be polite and leave it at that. Don’t try to talk them into hiring you because then they will think that all teenagers are pushy and disrespectful.

It’s not personal if you’re rejected. Everyone has either had bad experiences with teenagers or doesn’t trust them to do the job correctly. If this is your first lawn mowing job, don’t let it bother you too much because plenty of other people out there are looking for help in maintaining their yards.

how to start a lawn care business as a teenager

How to start a lawn care business as a teenager

Teen Lawn Mowers: How Much Do They Earn?

The average teen lawnmower gets between $20 and $30 per yard. The price can vary depending on the size of the yard or how many hours you need to spend doing the work. Some people might think that isn’t a lot of money, but you should consider that these jobs will continue throughout your teenage years. That is great money to spend on yourself or save for a car, college, etc.

Obtain Proper Equipment to start a lawn mowing business

Getting the proper equipment is essential for doing lawn mowing jobs. It would be best if you had a way to get from house to house so you can drive your car. This means you might need to buy a lawnmower with the money you make from your yard work jobs.

You also will need some basic equipment such as:

  • Rakes for cleanup when done with mowing
  • Weed Eater if needed for trimming and edging
  • A wheelbarrow or a lawn cart to haul the trimmings away
  • A pair of gloves so your hands don’t get too dirty or scratched up

You might need a few other things as well, but these are some basics that most teens have in their garage already. You should also consider obtaining insurance for your equipment and yourself. If you don’t, and something happens to it, you will be putting your lawn mowing jobs in jeopardy.

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If you are looking for a lawn mowing job when you are in your teens, follow these helpful hints to get started. If you need more help getting your first few jobs, look at our website with additional information about different businesses.

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