30 Cyber Security Business Ideas 2022 [Life Changer Ideas]

Cyber attacks have become a major threat to businesses everywhere, and the number of reported incidents is only going up. With growing concerns about cyber security, now is a good time to start a cybersecurity business.

Top 30 good cyber security business ideas:

1). Become a Cyber Security Specialist

Cyber security specialists are in high demand right now, and their need is likely to double by 2022. There are also tons of free resources on the internet that can help you learn all about cyber security.

2). Offer Cyber Security Consulting Services

If you’re already an expert in cyber security, then you should consider offering your services as a Cyber Security Consultant to other small businesses. Offer them risk assessments and strategies that they can implement on their businesses so that they too can become secure.

3). Offer Cyber Security Courses

Take advantage of your knowledge about cyber security and create courses that you can sell to people. This is an especially good idea for those who are experts in other fields but want to get into cyber security.

4). Systems Security Administrator

A systems security administrator ensures that a company’s technological infrastructure is secure and up to standard. They also ensure that companies follow all-important protocols regarding cyber security. This is a very important job in the cyber security business and has great growth potential.

5). Cyber Security Hardware Sales

With hardware becoming an important part of cyber security, cyber security sales are expected to grow by 2022. This includes things like anti-virus software, cyber security cameras, security tools, firewalls, and more. You can get a large market share from this if you make the right connections in the cyber security industry.

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6). Penetration Tester

Penetration testers are experts whose job is to identify and exploit weaknesses in a company’s security system. Their job is similar to that of a cyber spy, so if you have the required skills, this could be one good career option for you.

7). Data Breach Consultant

A data breach consultant identifies weak points in a company’s security system that could cause their data to be exposed to hackers. They then help the company reduce this risk by suggesting ways they can improve their system’s security.

8). Cyber Security Software Design

Cyber attacks and security breaches can be reduced if companies focus on cyber security and improve their system’s security. This is where people who know how to create good software to protect a company’s security come in. Becoming a cyber security software designer can be quite profitable if you have the skills.

With the number of people using smartphones and other devices on the rise, cyber security software design is another sector that has huge growth potential. Software for secure communication is in high demand, and you can get a large market share from this sector.

Many companies create software tools and make decent money every money.

9). Security Auditor

Security Auditor help companies identify weak points in their security system. Once they’ve identified these weaknesses, they work with owners to develop ways to improve their system’s security.

10). Social Engineering Cyber Specialist

Social engineering specialists are skilled in the art of manipulating people into giving away sensitive information. Their job is to create the illusion that they are somebody else to get people to reveal information they shouldn’t be revealing. The need for social engineering cyber specialists is growing a lot, and this can be a very profitable sector.

11). Vulnerability Researcher

Vulnerability researchers are experts whose job is to identify and exploit security flaws in software, hardware, and devices. If you’re good with technical things and this career interests you, becoming a vulnerability researcher could be the best cyber security business idea.

12). Cyber Security Blogger

If you have the skills to create useful cyber security content, then becoming a blogger in this field could be very profitable. You can even build your blog and then sell affiliate products or charge for advertisements on your site. In addition, companies looking for cyber security professionals can purchase ads through your site.

13). Start a security installment business

As companies shift to a more mobile lifestyle, the need for security is increasing. You can start a security installment business that offers products and services to improve cyber security.

14). Information Security Officer

Most companies need to hire information security officers to ensure that their data is secure. If you have the required skills, this could be a good career option for you.

15). Security Architect

As a Security Architect, your job is to build stable, reliable, and secure systems. Systems that are not secure will be prone to cyber security breaches, leading the company to lose a lot of money.

With the number of cyber threats and security breaches coming up in recent years, the demand for talented security architects has increased. This is a good career option for someone who is good with cyber security.

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16). Social Media Safety Expert

The number of people using social media to interact with others has increased a lot. Many cybercriminals now use social media to carry out their nefarious activities. Therefore, the need for experts who can help companies secure their social media accounts has increased a lot.

17). Cyber Insurance Analyst

Cyber insurance analysts help companies understand cybersecurity risks and carry out analyses to determine if it is necessary for a company to purchase insurance.

There is a big demand for cybersecurity insurance, which can become a very profitable business if done well.

18). Threat Response Engineering Consultant

As a Threat Response Engineering Consultant, your job is to find the best security solutions for companies. Malware, computer viruses, and other cybersecurity threats are on the rise. This has increased the demand for consultants who can find the best solutions to keep companies safe from cyber threats.

19). Start a theft protection company

Nowadays, many people carry expensive gadgets such as smartphones and tablets. These devices are very susceptible to theft which could lead to a lot of losses. With the huge increase in thefts related to expensive gadgets, a theft protection company could be a very profitable business idea.

20). Start a car tracker installation business

With a lot of cars now coming with sophisticated GPS navigation systems, many car thieves have shifted their attention towards stealing high-end cars instead of the older versions. The need for installing car trackers has therefore increased a lot. You can start an installation company that offers car tracker installation services to keep your customers safe and secure.

21). Disaster Recovery Consultant

Do you have the skills to design secure recovery plans? If so, becoming a Disaster Recovery Consultant could be a very profitable business idea. This is a very specialized field and requires a lot of expertise. Disaster Recovery Consultants can even get a job in the government to provide security for classified information.

22). Become a security recruiter

As a security recruiter, your job is to search for talented cybersecurity experts and recruit them. Many companies are now looking for employees with the required skills, and you can get a job as a recruiter to help these companies find the right talents.

23). White Hat Hacker

A White Hat Hacker is a computer hacker who uses his skills to find security flaws in systems and report them. Their job is to help companies find cybersecurity vulnerabilities and make their systems more secure.

24). Start a self-defense school

Cybercriminals are now using physical violence to perform cyber crimes. This has increased the demand for self-defense courses to protect people from physical dangers. Starting a self-defense school could be a very profitable business idea if you have the right set of skills and knowledge.

25). Start a residential security service

With more and more people becoming victims of cybercrimes, many residential security services have increased. There is a big demand for security guards to protect residential areas against any possible cyber threats.

26). Cyber Security Researcher

Do you like identifying vulnerabilities in systems? As a Cyber Security Researcher, you would get to identify vulnerabilities in systems and find proofs of concept.

27). Become a malware analyst

A malware analyst is responsible for understanding various types of malware and analyzing them. As there is a rise in the number of cybercrimes, the demand for malware analysts has also increased. You can get a job in cyber security research laboratories or even go freelance.

28). Threat Intelligence Manager

A Threat Intelligence Manager is responsible for managing threat intelligence. Threat intelligence is information related to cyber security threats which companies can use for protection against them.

29). Security Engineer

A Security Engineer is responsible for designing, planning, and implementing security controls to protect information systems. You can get a job in cyber security companies or in the government.

30). Source Code Auditor

Source Code Auditor is a specialized job for skilled and experienced people who can find vulnerabilities in source code that could lead to cyber threats.

Last Words:

As you can see, there are a lot of interesting cybersecurity business ideas that you can start with little or no investment. While some jobs listed above require previous experience, there are also jobs that anyone can do depending on their skills and interests.

​It is a great idea to start making your start-up plan now that you know the hottest cyber security business ideas to pursue.


How Much does A Cybersecurity professional Earn?

A cybersecurity professional can get anywhere between $40,000 to $120,000 depending on the type of job.

How hard is cybersecurity?

While there are a lot of courses online that can teach cyber security, this type of job requires a lot of experience and skills.

The cybersecurity business is not as easy as most peoples think.

How many cybersecurity jobs are available?

There are several different types of cybersecurity jobs. There is a big demand for people with the required skills, which is the best time for entrepreneurs to start their security businesses.

Where can I find a cyber security job?

There are many places where you can search for cyber security jobs. You can either look on job websites or you can try to contact companies directly.

How much does a computer hacker make?

A computer hacker can get anywhere between $40,000 to $150,000 depending on their skills and experience.

What is a cybersecurity course?

A cybersecurity course is an online or offline training program that teaches people about different types of cyber security threats and how to protect against them.

How much does a cybercrime investigator make?

A cybercrime investigator can get anywhere between $40,000 to $110,000 depending on the job.

What is red team in cyber security?

A red team in cyber security is a group of people who use different tactics to find vulnerabilities in systems.

What is TTP in cyber security?

A TTP ( Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures ) in cyber security is a type of attack or technique that attackers use. You can use the information to protect against possible threats.

What is social engineering in cyber security?

Social engineering is a type of attack where an attacker targets victims through other people. For example, an attacker could call you pretending to be from your household services and ask for your social security number.

Is cyber security a good career in Canada?

Cyber security is a great career in Canada. Professionals can make up to six figures depending on the job and industry they are working in.

How much does a web application security specialist make?

A web application security specialist can get anywhere between $40,000 to $120,000 depending on the job.

Why is cyber security a top priority now?

In the past, cybersecurity was more of a fringe topic. But new types of attacks and politicians talking about it made it one of the top priorities.

Will the cyber security industry ever slow down?

The cybersecurity industry is growing at a very fast pace, and it will continue to grow even faster over the next decade.