20 Amazing Summer Business Ideas 2022 | Life Changer Ideas

Business in the summer: who would have thought? It’s a month away from back to school, and you’re already tired of your book store job. Or it’s December, and the winter holidays are approaching, leaving you with nothing to do during those long vacation days.

A great way to spend those summer or winter breaks is pursuing business ideas that could turn into a small business or side hustle for you. Not only does it give you some extra cash, but it also looks good on your future job applications and resumes because these types of projects show that you can be responsible and innovative.

Here’s a list of 20 summer business ideas to get the wheels turning:

1) Online Store owner

A popular trending summer business ideas for people to start out with. This works best if you live in a place with fair weather all year round or if you’re able to work inside on winter days. Set up an online store with Shopify or Etsy and promote your products on social media or through ads. Promote it by setting up booths at local markets or by using social media influencers to promote your business. This is a great startup idea with low risk and big rewards.

2) Life coach

This is a great idea for people who like talking to others about their feelings and problems or are really good at seeing other people’s perspectives. Not only will you gain startup experience, but this is also an opportunity to help others through their problems.

3) Personal assistant or errand-runner

This excellent summer business idea works best for those with a car who are willing to make deliveries and run errands for people around town. People who hire personal assistants often would rather spend their time and money on activities they enjoy but need help with the busy work.

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4) Dog walker and pet sitter

This summer business idea is great if you live in a neighborhood where pets outnumber people. Offer to take your neighbor’s dog for a walk or run an errand for your local vet clinic, and look for other opportunities to expand your services. People will be willing to pay a lot if they know their pets are being well taken care of while they’re away.

5) Airbnb host

You’ve probably heard of this one before, but if you have a home or apartment, consider offering up a room on Airbnb to tourists and travelers for a quick buck.

6) Professional photographer or videographer

If you enjoy taking photos or videos, this is the best summer business ideas for you! People often try to capture special moments in their lives but don’t have the equipment, skills, or time to do it themselves. Promote your services on social media and with flyers around town.

7) Personal trainer or fitness coach

This is a great fit for those who have had some sort of experience with health and wellness, whether it’s through sports or by completing certifications and courses. Use your expertise and social media to promote yourself around town, at gyms, and on bulletin boards.

8) Graphic designer/illustrator

Social media is a great way to get more clients for graphic designers and illustrators. Offer free trials of your services to potential new clients and ask for a testimonial to use on your portfolio.

9) Blogger

Use your writing skills to write about topics that will be of interest to the public, and try using sites like Google AdSense or Chitika to generate cash from visitors to your blog. This is usually done by creating valuable and engaging content for your readers.

10) Yoga instructor

This is a perfect business idea for people who have been practicing yoga or meditation for some time and want to share their passion with others. Spend a few months learning the necessary skills and certifications, and start your business by advertising your services to local gyms and schools.

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11) Housekeeper or maid

People who hire housekeepers can often afford to pay good money for this type of work, so it can be a lucrative business if you know what you’re doing. Be sure to advertise and promote your services on social media and local businesses.

12) Freelance journalist or blogger

Promote your freelance writing skills by pitching your stories to prominent publications, and also use Twitter and LinkedIn to gain followers and more clients. This is a great way to work from home and get paid for what you love doing.

13) Open local grocery store

If you live in a small town with few grocery stores, this is the perfect summer business idea for you. Make sure to do your research first and connect with local farmers or producers who will provide you with fresh produce at wholesale prices.

14) Real Estate broker

Put your services out there by contacting property owners around town who are looking to rent or sell their properties. You’ll need a license to run this business, but it can definitely pay off if you have the right market for it.

15) Recycling center

This exciting summer business is only possible in certain areas since many towns and cities charge fees or fines for garbage disposal. If your town doesn’t, and you have some space for a bin or storage unit, consider offering your services as a drop-off location for those who don’t want to pay the rates at an official recycling center.

16) Mobile dog grooming service

If you’re good with animals and love doing hair and makeup on people, why not combine the two skills? Promote your services at local dog parks and start a business that will bring in a lot of return customers.

17) Pool Maintenance

This is a great seasonal business idea for those who live in warmer climates and don’t mind working outside. You can easily find clients online or around town and provide a valuable service.

Many pool owners neglect their pools during the winter and leave them in a state that requires professional cleaning and maintenance.

18) Start Food Trucks Business

It’s getting easier and more accessible for food truck entrepreneurs to get started in business, and there should be no shortage of potential clients at summer events and fairs. Follow all the necessary steps and regulations, and be sure to follow food safety guidelines.

19) Become a tour guide

Do you know your city or town inside out? Consider starting a business as a tour guide, and promote your services to schools, travel groups, and more.

20) Offer transportation services

Many people will travel around your town and nearby cities this summer, and they may need someone to drive them.

Promote your services on popular classified listings and social media, and be sure to provide wonderful customer service.

Last Words:

Choosing a profitable summer business idea that you can start within the next few months is an excellent way for students and recent grads to gain valuable work experience and be their boss.

There’s no better time than summer to put your best foot forward and show potential clients what you’re all about.